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The Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors of Latin America & the Caribbean will demonstrate an extension, intensification and expansion of pastoral training initiatives in the region in order to build a community of healthier pastors who nurture healthier churches, which contribute to healthier societies. At the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress, participants will Build Community, Expand Opportunity, Discover Resources and Receive Encouragement.

Build Community
  • By establishing new personal, organizational and institutional connections with pastoral trainers.
  • By building bridges across the historical separation and strategy gap between formal and non-formal training delivery sectors.
  • By forming (and modeling) active, decade-long cohorts of 25 pastoral training peers—beyond organizational and national affinity, and beyond the “expert by profession vs. expert by experience” divide.
Expand Opportunity
  • By revisiting ministry models and driving forward the mission of the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress, beginning with a pastoral trainer’s own organization or in partnership with other organizations and services.
Discover Resources
  • By finding solutions to common challenges and “catching up” to where pastoral training is going next. It is a waste to re-invent what your colleagues already have done, whether in curriculum, administration, delivery systems or other aspects of ministry.
  • By identifying personal, organizational and institutional resources available for local, national and regional pastoral training initiatives.
  • By the availability of “best practices” in strategic execution, capacity building, educational methodology and curricular content.
  • By presenting the history, strategy, and accomplishments of a ministry to those who might have financial resources for ministry vision needs.
Receive Encouragement
  • By recognizing the global presence, impact and opportunities for the Faith and ministry addressed by pastoral training.
  • By powerful moments of celebration, instruction and networking that provide motivation for endurance and multiplication in ministry.
  • By meeting colleagues from all over the region who don’t question the value of pastoral training.
  • By the inclusion of pastors and pastoral trainers at the round-table of contemporary ministry architecture after centuries of global missions leadership (primarily comprised of missiologists, missionaries, theologians and organizational leaders in world evangelization).

The GProLATAM&CARIB Congress and its ongoing connections will act as a conduit between formal and non-formal training practitioners, strategists and funders. It will open up new opportunities to address key ministry challenges, champion best practices and grow strategic affiliations, all while highlighting new opportunities for ministry.

Individual pastoral trainers will come to learn, receive, connect, reflect and envision and plan for the next season of their lives and ministries.

Pastoral training organizations and institutions can use the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress to build deeply into their program directors and front-line trainers.

Program Elements


These sessions will lead into each day as participants are taught from Scripture and pray through the application of the day’s teaching in their lives.

Plenary sessions:

All participants will attend these sessions together. Three of the six plenary sessions move participants through the GProCongress statement “Pastoral Health Affects Church Health. Church Health Affects Societal Health.” The other three plenary sessions offer a biblically-based inspiration on relevant themes.

Panel sessions:

These sessions discuss macro issues relevant to pastoral training and provide participants with differing perspectives.

Parallel sessions:

These “workshop” sessions are moderated by experienced leaders and selected day hosts with three outputs: 1) Relevant worst and best practices; 2) Beginning a community of interest around specific issues; and 3) An expandable resource toolkit on the issue.

My action plans/Our commitments:

This is a period of planning during which participants are encouraged to work on their action plans for training on average up to 50 pastoral leaders per year for the following two years in keeping with GProLATAM&CARIB Congress goals. Some will be able to train 2, others 20 or 200, or even 2000 pastoral leaders! Personal coaches, accountability partners and reporting systems will be encouraged during this part of the program.

Conference Schedule

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The Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors of Latin America & the Caribbean is vision- and issue-driven, rather than speaker- or stage-driven. To that purpose, presentations in global pastoral training will be given in Spanish, Portuguese, and English as primary languages of this regional GProCongress.


"The GProCongress [in 2016] was a huge shift for the ministry. I went from focusing on training pastors to focusing on training more trainers. Because of this, the number of pastors we have trained has [since] tripled."

Pastor J, Venezuela

"​Blessings ​and thank you for the ministry of the GProCommission! ​N​ow I am about to start building a new church and the resources you shared have helped me to create a work plan and organize the leadership!"

Pastor R, Costa Rica

“Our God knows how great and deep I was touched and encouraged by the Congress in Bangkok. Since I got back from the GProCongress, my biggest impression was to have realized that out of the 2.4 million presently pastors, only 5 percent are trained. Then I asked God, ‘What could I do from my third-world perspective to be part of the solution?’ The answer: Entrust the Gospel to reliable men and instruct them to be qualified to teach others."

Pastor C, Cuba