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The Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors for Latin America and the Caribbean (GProLATAM&CARIB Congress) is part of the Global Proclamation Commision (GProCommission). The GProCommission launched a decade-long (2010-2020) human capital campaign to connect, unite, and strengthen trainers of pastors, especially where the church is growing–Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

This unique and historic GProLATAM&CARIB Congress is a major part of a human capital campaign toward faster delivery of better training for more pastors at lower cost worldwide. For more information on the specific benefits of attending the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress, see the objectives listed on the Program page by clicking here.

Convened by Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health [RREACH], the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress is the latest building block of a church health movement that dates back to 1997 in the founding of TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors International Coalition). Like the many efforts of the numerous global and national organizations that came before it, the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress focuses on trainers of pastors as the human core of pastoral health and effectiveness. At the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress and through the intentional two-year follow-up, attendees will have the chance to build community, explore opportunity, discover resources and exchange encouragement.

For more information on the ministry strategy from which events like the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress flow, click here to check out the article “Training of Pastors: A High Priority for Global Ministry Strategy” from Dr. Ramesh Richard, president of RREACH the founder of TOPIC, and convener of the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress.


One conviction propels this ministry strategy: Pastoral health affects Church health; Church health affects societal health.

Since trainers of pastors significantly influence and enhance the health of pastoral leaders, RREACHABLE (2010 to 2020) sought to reduce the world deficit of untrained pastors by 5%. The strategy: to connect, unite and strengthen trainers of pastors for 100,000 more pastoral leaders better-trained by 2020.

In 2016, as part of this strategy, RREACH convened the historic Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers in Bangkok, Thailand, highlighting the critical need for training of pastoral leaders. This niche, specific and task-focused event witnessed 2,500-plus trainers of pastoral leaders ministering in over 100 different countries coming together from both the formal and non-formal pastoral training sectors.

The day after the 2016 Congress, an intentional four-year follow-up strategy commenced with a two-fold goal: first, to encourage current training ministries by extending GProCongress goals—build community, explore opportunity, discover resources and exchange encouragement— and second, to track activity by receiving training reports from Congress attendees and additional trainers of pastors referred by Congress attendees. Together, the GProCongress attendees and the additional trainers of pastors who have become connected since the GProCongress have become known as the GProCommunity.

As of June 2019, the individual pastoral trainers who attended reported training more than 63,000 pastoral leaders, while organizations reported training more than 382,000.

In addition, for Christ’s glory and the health of His Church, other pastoral trainers and training organizations who did not attend the Congress have reported training more than 226,000 pastoral leaders.
This total brings the number tracked to more than 671,000. To account for duplication and reporting errors, an extremely conservative attrition rate of 80 percent was applied, bringing the number of better trained pastoral leaders to 134,200, thus exceeding the goal set in 2016 of 100,000 by 2020. Praise be to God with thanks to co-laborers in the field.

With the RREACHABLE (2010-2020) program goals met, a decision has been made to build upon it. As many from other regions of the world—especially Latin America and Africa—were unable to attend the 2016 GProCongress, RREACH leadership has determined that a second, decade-long effort with the same major goals will be launched in 2020. Called RREACHABILITY 2030, more information will be available to the public, the Lord willing, on July 1, 2020.


The Lord willing, RREACHABILITY 2030 begins with the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress (October 12-16, 2020) to connect, unite, strengthen trainers of pastors in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. GProCongresses with follow-up for other regions where Christ’s Church is growing are also being planned. Please visit this website July 1, 2020 for further details under God’s good hand.

The Lord willing, at the GProLATAM&CARIB Congress (and other similar initiatives) and during the intentional, follow-up of each event, pastoral trainers will have the chance to build community, explore opportunity, discover resources and exchange encouragement. to effectively train more pastoral leaders in their regions and contexts.

Ultimately, this strategy is aligned with RREACH’s vision to “change the way One Billion individuals think and hear about the Lord Jesus Christ”.


RREACH’s efforts to connect, unite and strengthen pastoral leaders date back to 1997, when RREACH convened a meeting of leaders of 99 west-based non-formal pastoral training organizations. Held at the Billy Graham Institute of Evangelism, the meeting united participants who were convicted of “the sin of doing one’s own thing,” when it was clear more would and could be accomplished with an organized, cooperative effort. From this meeting TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors International Coalition) was born and exists today to champion non-formal training where Christ’s church is growing.

In 2010, the effort to connect, unite and strengthen pastoral trainers to enhance the delivery of training to under-served pastoral leaders began to focus on bridging the formal/non-formal training divide. At the historic Lausanne Cape Town 2010, pastoral trainers from both sectors came together to draft the Pastoral Trainers Declaration, stating, “We declare together that we shall endeavor to build trust, involve each other, and leverage the strengths of each sector to prepare maturing shepherds for the proclamation of God’s Word and the building up of Christ’s Church in all the nations of the world.”

Following this declaration, RREACH launched RREACHABLE (2010–2020), with pastoral leaders at the center, and, the Lord willing, will build on that effort with RREACHABILITY from 2020 to 2030.

Click here for more on RREACH’s statement of faith.


God has permitted Dr. Ramesh Richard, the founder and president of RREACH and a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, to be a global spokesman for the Lord Jesus Christ. RREACH (that’s with two Rs) is an acronym for Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health. A global proclamation ministry, RREACH’s vision is to change the way One Billion Individuals think and hear about the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelizing opinion leaders, strengthening pastoral leaders, primarily of Asia, Africa and Latin America, and media outreach.

From his platform at RREACH, Dr. Richard travels the world clarifying the message of the Bible through lectures and preaching. His audiences are wide-ranging—from non-Christian intellectuals in university settings to poor pastors in rural areas, from gatherings of a few to crowds of a hundred thousand. The Lord has given him the opportunity to train thousands of church leaders in more than 100 countries to preach, live and think biblically. In 2016, he convened the first Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers, in Bangkok, Thailand.

He also has the privilege of exposing society’s “opinion leaders” to the good news of Jesus Christ. Dr. Richard addressed presidents/heads of state, secretaries of state, and ambassadors of state of 53 African nations in Khartoum, Sudan, at the fourth annual African Union Heads of State Prayer Breakfast.

He also addressed an audience of 200 ambassadors and world leaders as the keynote speaker for the 23rd Annual International Prayer Breakfast at the United Nations in New York City.

A theologian-evangelist, philosopher-expositor and educator-author, Dr. Richard holds a ThD (in Systematic Theology) from Dallas Theological Seminary and PhD (in Philosophy) from the University of Delhi. He serves as Professor of Global Theological Engagement and Pastoral Ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary.

He and his wife, Bonnie, live in Dallas, Texas, and have three children and three grandchildren.



Pastoral health is systemically enhanced by better delivery of more pastoral training with coordinated follow-up. Healthy pastors lead healthier churches, and healthier churches are more able to reach their communities for Christ.


The Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors of Latin America & the Caribbean will continue to connect, unite and strengthen pastoral trainers in the region as part of the global campaign to have better trained pastors, helping reduce the world’s 2 million-plus undertrained pastors.


The Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors of Latin America & the Caribbean is for anyone involved in formal and/or non-formal pastoral training of any kind anywhere in the region. RREACH anticipates that up to 500 pastoral trainers from all countries of the region, including individuals, churches, organizations and institutions, will participate.


This specialized gathering will fulfill its purposes by providing opportunities to Build Community, Explore Opportunity, Discover Resources and Exchange Encouragement. With the momentum generated in Bangkok and then further enhanced by this regional GProLATAM&CARIB Congress, as one phase of the RREACHABILITY plan, participants will commit to training, on average, 50 pastoral leaders per year for two years. Further phases of the RREACHABILITY plan will include additional years of follow-up through 2030.

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Why Panama?

Hospitality and centrality are two of the hallmarks of Panama City. The country of Panama is located in the heart of Latin America and the Caribbean making it easily accessible thanks to its first class international airport Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen Panamá / Tocumen Panama International (PTY). Panama offers affordable conference facilities with all the necessary technological amenities and a history of successfully implementing international events.


"The GProCongress [in 2016] was a huge shift for the ministry. I went from focusing on training pastors to focusing on training more trainers. Because of this, the number of pastors we have trained has [since] tripled."

Pastor J, Venezuela

"​Blessings ​and thank you for the ministry of the GProCommission! ​N​ow I am about to start building a new church and the resources you shared have helped me to create a work plan and organize the leadership!"

Pastor R, Costa Rica

“Our God knows how great and deep I was touched and encouraged by the Congress in Bangkok. Since I got back from the GProCongress, my biggest impression was to have realized that out of the 2.4 million presently pastors, only 5 percent are trained. Then I asked God, ‘What could I do from my third-world perspective to be part of the solution?’ The answer: Entrust the Gospel to reliable men and instruct them to be qualified to teach others."

Pastor C, Cuba